Born Again and Sure of It

Heartfelt Radio joins TWR in “Radios for Africa” effort April 27 and 28

A radio is the most common of things.

In our home. In our car. On our smartphone.

It’s always there for us 24-hours per day, seven days per week. We take the link we have via radio for granted. Music. News. Community information. Programs that encourage us and teach us in our walk of faith.

A radio is the most common of things. Unless…you have no way to access or own one.

On April 27 and 28, 2021, Heartfelt Radio and our listening family will join together with Trans World Radio (TWR) to provide radios to those in living in impoverished African villages.

Heartfelt Radio General Manager Mark Channon says, “We have an opportunity to make an eternal impact for Jesus Christ in a place none of us may have the chance to visit before He returns. It’s going to be an honor for all of us to serve in this way.”

Victor Kaonga, National Director of TWR-Malawi, says that deliveries of radios in Malawi are community events. “People were greeting us with smiles and tears of joy.”

Kaonga added that a woman, probably in her late 50s, was amazed, “It’s rare to have someone come just like that and give such a precious gift. God bless you.” Another listener said she felt like she was dreaming to be owning a radio.
TWR’s John Summerville said that the concept is simple. “For $50, we can purchase, package, ship, pay customs, and deliver these radios to families that need them most.”

A group of listeners in Malawi’s northern most and hard-to-reach locations have formed a group to discuss and encourage one another about the Word of God. Most of the people who received radios indicated that they listen to TWR and have learned a lot through its programs. The group’s Village Head said most people in his area enjoy listening to programs like Litala Lya Umi (Word of Life), and Mesi Gha Umi (Water for Life).

Be praying about the part God will have you play, and please listen to Heartfelt’s “Radios for Africa” event on April 27 and 28!