God & Country Day – 2019

Information Please join us Sunday as we have a special worship service and then a cookout after outside of the Church campus. Our guest speaker will be John C. Morgan. Cookout, games and other fun activities will be taking place at the church. Please have your children bring a swim suite as we will have…

Joy in a Jailhouse by Wendell Calder

Two 45 minute sessions each night. FREE multi-church event with one of the leading Bible teachers of our time. SNACKS PROVIDED FOR MORE INFORMATION: PASTOR STAN GRIFFIN 884-8283 or 299-5919 View & Print the flyer Joy in a Jailhouse Notes Master:

CMI Event @ CBC with Dr Robert Carter

Evening Service Church event at which an accredited CMI speaker will present for the regular evening service time. The presentation demonstrates how the Gospel message is rooted in the book of Genesis and provides evidence to support the reliability of the Bible’s record of origins. Attendance is free and all are welcome. Creation resources will…

The Keffers in Concert

Anyone is welcome; please join us Sunday mornings. For more information, please look inside.

Camping with a purpose – The Tabernacle

Two 45 minute sessions each night FREE multi-church event with one of the leading Bible teachers of our time. FOR MORE INFORMATION: PASTOR STAN GRIFFIN h 884-8283 or c 299-5919 Snacks are provided Documentation: Camping With a Purpose – The Tabernacle