Celebrating our 30th Anniversary

All are welcome to celebrate Cornerstone Baptist’s 30th anniversary!

A special note from Pastor Stan:

When I ponder the thirty years that God has blessed us with, two songs come to mind.

In the early years the song called “The Lighthouse” was something I often thought of. The little Church in Exeter was in such disrepair it was suggested that it just be torn down, as they said of the Lighthouse in the Song by Ronnie Hinson. One line in the song goes, “The big ships don’t pass this way anymore, there’s no use of it standing round.” We were told “Exeter is a funny town, people don’t want to go to Church there.” The attitude was there was no use of that Church standing around.

Now thirty years later the song I think of is “To God be the Glory” by Fanny Crosby. Great things HE has done. He is amazing. Don’t ever think for a second that we somehow in our own brilliance pulled off what you see, this is nothing short of the blessings of God on our pitiful effort. If at some point we rest in our accomplishments, we will cease from experiencing the blessings that HE so graciously has given. To God be the Glory!